75% of confirmed LYME cases in CONNECTICUT are suffered in...

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'75% of confirmed LYME cases in CONNECTICUT are suffered in the yard of the home owner. Most of those properties were not treated or sprayed for ticks' said Kirby Stafford - Chief Entomologist - in a recent phone conversation. That is more than 1,022 cases from last year alone.

Connecticut's confirmed Lyme cases increased the past two years by more than 10% accordingly to CT State Department of Public Health. The Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC) expects the tick populations to grow by 20% in some areas.

What can I do to eliminate ticks from my property and decrease the chances of my loved ones (pets included) from getting Lyme?

The first thing you need to know is Ticks are mobile. The fastest way they travel is by latching onto a host, deer and rodents being their favorite uber drivers. Ticks can sense Carbon Dioxide emitted from potential hosts and in some cases, they even seek that source traveling more than 35 yards.

Second, checking yourself and family members every time you come in from the outdoors significantly reduces your chances of being bitten by ticks. Ticks range in size, some being as small as a poppy seed. It takes about 24hrs for ticks to start feeding - which is a must to transmit the disease.

Contacting a professional tick control company specializing in ticks and other bug control for event or season spraying significantly puts the odds in your favor. When researching these companies, make sure to ask how frequently they spray, what type of products they use, and what type of equipment they are using.

Bugs & Blades does a free consultation for every new customer which includes a questionnaire about outdoor habits of the family and pets as well as a walk through of the property before spraying.

Product - we have both, natural tick control and traditional tick control solutions to help eliminate ticks from your property.

Bugs & Blades equipment consists of backpack misters for product application getting into areas the big tankers cannot. Ticks need to stay out of direct sun and heat as much as possible to maintain body moisture. It is imperative to penetrate where they live - leaf litter and under heavy foliage with the product. Our tech's make sure that high traffic areas get the appropriate attention EVERY time.


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