SLEEPLESS...How to Sleep with Lyme

By: Robert Khoury

Since insomnia may be one of the key neurological symptoms of Lyme that prevents effective recovery for a patient, it is important to find methods of recovery. Better #sleep could help the immune system to work as it should and ensure that Lyme sufferers have the tools that they need to overcome their disease.

The typical advice given to people suffering from insomnia is quite simple. Even for people with Lyme, you might find it helpful to take some herbs, have a hot bath, and drink a glass of warm milk. Unfortunately, for some people with a severe neurological disease, these measures are not enough. With that in mind, here are a few common remedies that can help with those suffering from insomnia.

1. Learn how to Balance your Hormones

If your thyroid function is either too high or too low, you may struggle to sleep. Additionally, if you have an imbalance of progesterone related to estrogen, you may not sleep well. Even having an issue of adrenal exhaustion, which can cause problems with cortisol levels, can impact sleep. #Hormones have a huge effect on the way that we sleep. For this reason, it may be useful to ask your doctor to run a complete hormone panel for you (blood testing). By examining the results of this test, you may be able to correct any hormonal imbalances. You can manage hormones with bio-identical hormones, nutritional supplements, and herbal remedies. For instance, you might take DHEA, vitamin C, or adrenal #supplements.

2. Try a Protein Snack before Bed

Sometimes, Lyme disease, when combined with issues of adrenal fatigue, can lead to instability in blood sugar levels. This means that you might struggle to get through the night without your body waking you. You wake up because you need extra glucose to help you get through the right of the night. The conventional advice for sleep is to avoid eating close to bedtime. However, some people find that a protein #snack can be useful.

If you suffer from Lyme disease, eating some healthy protein before bed can allow you to access a longer night of rest. For instance, you could get some lean chicken or beef. Make sure that you choose #organic, high-quality, and clean animal protein. Alternatively, nuts could be a good protein snack.

3. Lower your Exposure to EMFs

It might seem strange, but your sleeping environment can have an impact on how well you sleep. Many experts agree that people struggle to get the rest they need because of the prevalence of technology in and around the bedroom, producing electromagnetic fields. #EMFs are dangerous to your health in a range of ways. They come from microwave towers, cell phones, power lines, and more.

All EMFs are capable of disrupting sleep. If you can remove them from your bedroom, or limit your exposure, you might get a better rest. Try the following steps:

· Turn off all circuit breakers and electrical devices in your bedroom.

· Remove all electrical devices from your bedroom, including cordless phones and WI-FI routers

· Remove your #cellphone from your bedroom and do not ever sleep with it beside your #bed.

4. Reduce Inflammation and Glutamate Levels

Finally, we know that #inflammation is a common problem for Lyme sufferers. Unfortunately, when inflammation occurs, the body can’t rest naturally. Whether from high glutamate levels, or #pain, inflammation leads to a bad night of sleep.

If you want to fight back against inflammation, you should avoid certain foods in your diet. Inflammation rich foods like grains and sugar can cause serious problems. You can also consider talking to your #doctor about taking anti-inflammatory substances. For instance, turmeric and curcumin have both been shown to help with inflammation and could possibly be taken before bedtime.

Lyme and Our Immune System

Lyme and the Brain

There is a very clear a link between Lyme disease and the brain. Although research into this connection is ongoing, it is important to remember that recovering from Lyme means knowing how to look after both your body and your mind.

Keeping your mind, body and immune system at peak performance is extremely important when fighting against Tick bites and Lyme Disease. Protecting your property by getting it sprayed by a professional tick control company like Bugs & Blades is an extra layer of support for you, your family, your friends, and your pets. All it takes is #onebite and you can have a lifetime of problems.

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